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Derby win sparks Spurs title talk

Arsene Wenger's argument, like his team's defence, was all over the place - but the manner in which Tottenham Hotspur ended a 17-year wait for a win at Arsenal defied logic.

Wenger sought a refuge familiar with beaten managers when he said: "If you look at the statistics and numbers it is very difficult to understand how we lost this game."

Not that difficult actually. The most important statistic of all stated that Spurs won 3-2, but in Wenger's defence it was a day that scrambled even the most rational senses.

After 45 minutes, the notion of Harry Redknapp talking up a Spurs title challenge while Wenger groped for reasons behind a collapse that casts a shadow over Arsenal's aspirations would have been laughed out of the Emirates Stadium and all the way down Holloway Road.

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Maradona4206d ago

Statistic is stupid. Evry year a different squad is playing against each other. Talking about Statistic is non sence.