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What, He Has Lost Again? - Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho On Inter's Rafa Benitez

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho believes Rafael Benitez has thrown it all away by struggling to control inflated ambition at Inter.

It was Mourinho who laid one of many foundation stones at the club and he underpinned their dominance last season with a treble - those days have not been lost to history.

The 'Special One' feels Benitez has struggled to take possession of the secrets he left behind, and feels the Spanish coach is still trying to pervade his English football experience on the Italians

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karim4201d ago

Woww he likes to own managers of his former clubs

zico4200d ago

I want to see Inter against Real Madrid in Champions League, Benitez vs Mourinho, and I think tactical Benitez will win!

RedDevils4200d ago

lol Rafa win in tactical? you're not serious right?

pwneddemocrat4200d ago

if inter faces real madrid this season, inter will be crushed.

and that's coming from a barca/juventus fan
nobody can deny the effect mourinho has on a team
and the current youthful real madrid, which is filled with energy

inter milan has the same players it had last year win it won the treble except for di maria
so remind me again what happened to inter now?
oh that's right another manager.

karim4200d ago

Di maria NEVER played with Inter ! and you're right with the old/young difference

pwneddemocrat4200d ago

dunno always thought he played for them didnt know why

so that makes it even more confusing as to why they can't do anything this season

karim4200d ago

They need some fresh blood

karim4200d ago

Benitez is not a tactical coach ! Mourinho will simply destroy him