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Video: Fan gives Lionel Messi the finger (Panathinaikos-Barcelona)

How do you stop Lionel Messi? Since defences in Spain and across the world haven’t had much luck lately, one Panathinaikos fan took it into his own hands to try and cower the little Argentine with a good old fashioned middle finger.

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The Hunter4284d ago

Why is this happend, so great player, not arrogant like Ronaldo.. I dont even know he had enemies except on Madrid! :S

moha104284d ago

Idiot! Messi the most sympatic player in the world. He talks with his feet

karim4284d ago

and he proved it against them !

RedDevils4284d ago

That match doesn't prove, it simply tap in goal

sokrates4284d ago

Greece... The one who supports football in Greece is more fanatic than anyone. Kind of cool- when they keep it on the stadium, not at the pitch.

karim4284d ago

Where are your matters ? giving the finger on live TV I think he's just trying to have his 15 minutes of fame ! Pathetic

kulka4284d ago

One think you can be sure if playing away in Greece is hostile atmosphere

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