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Video: How Jose Mourinho planned sendings off of Xabi Alonso & Sergio Ramos (Ajax-Real Madrid)

Yesterday asked “Did Real Madrid duo Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos get themselves deliberately sent off against Ajax?”

So it is with thanks to a Dutch 101er called Avi who alerted to some excellent footage produced by Dutch broadcaster NOS showing exactly how Jose Mourinho orchestrated the sendings off of Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos at Ajax on Tuesday night.

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sokrates4192d ago

There is no doubt that this was planned. This movie is proof more than good enough. Question is if UEFA has balls to really give Mourinho what he deserves. He is a stupid man!

karim4191d ago

Stupid man ? You could say "Evil Genius" the way he thinks is really unique.Once at Chelsea he got banned but he hid in the Laundry basket,to this day it still makes me laugh

BjornarO4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Stupid or Evil?

sokrates4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Stupid AND evil. Shame!!!

ohahCantona4191d ago

This is not Fair Play! Mourinho is a real idiot who does this. With so many cameras on the court this must be discovered. I hope they all will get a strong punishment: Morinhio, the players and the club!!!

zico4191d ago

Agree, this have nothing to do with tactics, this is unfair!!

Morinhio and the club should get the punishment, not the players. They only do what Morinhio tell them to. Like dogs!

kulka4191d ago

Ban them for 5 games and see if they be smiling

RedDevils4191d ago

Kulka really have problem with Real Madrid that for sure

freeduck4191d ago

Can anyone explain as to why Mourinho would want their players to have red cards?

kulka4191d ago

because they had a yellow cards so there was a risk that they could miss the knock out rounds if they got another one

freeduck4191d ago

Ok that makes sense. So are Alonso and Ramos both suspended playing against the game against Auxerre?

moha104191d ago

That make no sense. It`s unfair, and both Mourinhio and the players should be banned at least 3 matches for this!! I hate seeing this kind of unfair thing!

freeduck4191d ago

Well what I meant that it makes sense to me why he would do it i.e. the reasoning behind 2 red cards so close together.

I don't agree with it, and certainly there should be at least a 3 match ban for those two players.

sokrates4191d ago

I agree with Freeduck- 3 matches is an ok punishment. And 3 for Mourinho as well. And 1 for the two players telling them to do so.

kulka4191d ago

Mourinho is the man at fault he gave the orders players are afraid to stand up to him

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karim4191d ago

Time wasting and so players don't gain fatigue since the barca game is a ahead

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