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Video: Man Utd fan celebrates goal with Rooney (Glasgow Rangers-Manchester Utd)

Wayne Rooney made the winning goal Wednesday against Glasgow Rangers. Not one of his fellow players, but a fan was first at the striker to cuddle.

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zico4190d ago

What was he doing on the pitch?

The Hunter4190d ago

Celebrating the goal with Rooney :P
Haha I laughed so hard when I saw this yesterday!

sokrates4190d ago

I guess he has a huge fee on this one... £10 000. But for a real fan its worth it... LOL

zico4189d ago

Shit. He must be a real fan...

karim4189d ago

Only a true fan with guts will do that

kulka4189d ago

10 000 is euro fir doing nothing wrong really just celebrated a goal lol

karim4189d ago

Yes but UEFA kills everything that is fun

RedDevils4189d ago

UEFA/Fifa Pathetic really, just like taking off the shirt, and the fan celebrating with the player what wrong with that?

karim4189d ago

It's definitely worth it...I'll do the same if it was Ballack/Terry or Lampard

karim4189d ago

but he'll get a permanent ban which is worst

sokrates4189d ago

How do you know? They said on TV it is a 10 000 fee for crossing that line.

no_more_heroes4189d ago

huh...someone was feeling frisky...