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UEFA hit Real Madrid with five misconduct charges over 'deliberate' red cards

UEFA have charged Jose Mourinho and four of his Real Madrid players with unsporting conduct after Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos appeared to get themselves deliberately sent off in the Champions League.

The Spain internationals were both dismissed after second bookable offences for timewasting towards the end of Madrid's 4-0 win at Ajax on Tuesday night.

The result ensured the Spanish giants qualified in first place from Group G and the dismissals meant Alonso and Ramos would miss the final round robin match against Auxerre rather than carry the threat of suspensions into the knockout stage.

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karim4392d ago

Just look at the picture and you'l know they made the good decision

The Hunter4392d ago

Thats the only right punishment! Its not Fair Play en UEFA promotes Fair Play and Respect.. AC Milan with Ajax to the next round :P

sokrates4392d ago

I support your idea, Hunter! Would have been happening of the year!!!

karim4392d ago

Nahh ! If Ajax played well against them we could have considered it but alas they didn't perform and Real outclassed them

RedDevils4392d ago

Even if it a deducted point, Ajax still qualify, if it was charge the ban only goes to Jose, and the two players

FootballZilla4392d ago

They got red carded, atlease they didnt go in a big tackle to get red carded

Nothings is going to happen

sokrates4392d ago

I am pretty sure there is gonna be some kind of reaction. When UEFA says theyre gonna open an investigation, they cant just let it pass. UEFA are to proud to turn when they first started- and- Mourinho has never been UEFAs best friend...

FootballZilla4392d ago

maybe a fine but nothing major i think.

karim4391d ago

a fine and a small ban will do justice

pwneddemocrat4392d ago

UEFA has absolutely no right in doing anything, players get instructions and act.
two acted and got themselves red card THATS the punishment
if it goes further that would be unfair.
it's one hell of a dirty play, but illegal? not one bit.

sokrates4391d ago

Disagree. Its against the basic Written rule.

karim4391d ago

Definitely agree ! UEFA should only ban the red-carded players! If Ajax could have taken advantage of their 9man team and scored a few goals no one would have complained