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Cluj boss Sorin Cartu sacked for smashing up Basle dugout on way to Champions League defeat

Embarrassed Romanian champions Cluj have sacked Sorin Cartu as boss after he went berserk and put his foot through a glass dugout in Switzerland.

Cluj are set for bottom place in their Champions League following a 1-0 defeat in Basle on Tuesday night, when Cartu lost his rag with 15 minutes left to play.

Images were beamed around the world of the 55-year-old repeatedly battering the side of his dugout before being restrained by one of his colleagues.

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karim4385d ago

Crazy manager ! IMO deserved sacking

sokrates4384d ago

Disagree. Give him a fee that pays what he did.

karim4384d ago

It's not because of the broken dugout it's not because of the money!but because of the high morals of the club they were ashamed and so Justice was served

zico4385d ago

Idiot, but he is not the only manager who has act like this on the bench. There have certainly been many similar episodes that the camera man hasn`t managed to catch up...bujt yes; Idiot behavior!

karim4385d ago

Agreed other managers didn't behave well but that Cluj was way over the line breaking property is a crime !

kulka4385d ago

Was he drunk terrible behaviour from a man who should lead by example

sokrates4384d ago

Example, sure, but living with the pressure as a manage evrybody does some stupid moves once i a while. I think a fine would be enough.

karim4384d ago

But that's the dumbest thing i've seen in a while

sokrates4384d ago

Didnt you watch Etoo? Its more stupid to attack human beings than a window. Thats my opinion

karim4384d ago

There were worst than Eto'o once Roy Keane ended the career of a rival player INTENTIONNALLY