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Rooney finally says sorry to United fans

"Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has finally apologised to the club's fans following the week-long contract saga last month."

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sokrates4384d ago

Its good that he does so. Evrybody knows Rooney is a "victim" for stupid advices. I have no worries about supporting him as long as he plays for United!

karim4384d ago

FINALLY,it has been a long time but at least he apologized and now so they can forgive him he should get his form back

ohahCantona4384d ago

He sign us a new contract, it is all that matters now!! Show us your loyalty on the pitch. He startet this against Glagow!

Mendieta4384d ago

Matters to you guys. Truth is he just want your money (the clubs) He couldnt care less about United/ his heart is in Everton, but he makes the money in United. Thats it. He just proved the last month that he has NO FEELINGS AT ALL FOR UNITED!

karim4384d ago

Rooney once said : "Once a blue,Always a blue"

ad4mb4384d ago

then left to goto united....