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Top 10 Goals in El Clasico history

On Monday night planet football will come to a standstill.

Fans from all corners of the globe will make sure to jilt their loved-ones, put off the Christmas shopping and ignore all work, family and other duties for a couple of hours as Barcelona host Real Madrid in the first El Clasico of the 2010/11 season.

The show-stopping battle between the two great Spanish rivals will be over-hyped for everything that it’s worth. Pep Guardiola versus Jose Mourinho. Lionel Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo. Madridstas versus Catalans. Tiki Taka versus the Galacticos project. Etc and so on.

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karim4384d ago

Johan Cruyff is very good but doesn't deserve the 1st spot

sokrates4384d ago

Its a huge match. I am not that old that I was borned when Cruyff played in Barca. But, I have heard he was amazing!

karim4384d ago

I wasn't ! but judging by the videos he's definitely a LEGEND !

Mendieta4384d ago

Capitan, there is only one that deserves numero uno and that is Alfredo Di Stéfano (1953-1964).

Cool thing is that Di Stéfano's move to Spain was controversia because Barcelona originally signed the player from River Plate but the then Spanish government of Francisco Franco did not like the Catalan nationalism associated with the club, and decided to block the move. Barcelona bought out Di Stéfano's contract from River Plate, who he was actually contracted to, while Real Madrid, helped by the government, negotiated with the Millonarios that he was playing for, the then president of Barcelona, was also reputedly threatened by the government, leading to Di Stéfano's "release".

Now he is a legend of Real. Considered the best ever!

sokrates4384d ago

Shit! Thats is a bit of a story you tell there. After all> another reason to hate Real!

karim4384d ago

A mistake Barca will always regret

Mendieta4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

They apparently Barca didnt have any choice... General Franco was literally the boss of Spain.

pwneddemocrat4383d ago

Messi and Xavi Hernandes are the new legends of Barcelona.
so, let that Alferdo Di Stefano be a legend for real as he wants.
we got better legends ;)

karim4383d ago

Messi still have like 13 years ahead and he's already considered as a legend !

Mendieta4384d ago

LOL. You didnt play jokes with General Franco!

kulka4382d ago

well under his regime Barca was not very successful politics should not be involved with sccer