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Chelsea 9 Manchester City 0: The Scoreline Causing A Major Stir

Chelsea's Under 15 side have caused a major stir with a staggering 9-0 win over their Manchester City counterparts.

The Premier League clubs have two of the best-resourced youth set-ups in English football, with both under pressure from new UEFA rules to produce homegrown players rather than spend huge sums on foreign imports.

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karim4389d ago

O la la another good youngsters coming through our youth ranks.Very proud of the academy

sokrates4389d ago

Another one? Did you create that many stars? Who?

karim4389d ago

Hmmm...I remember someone called Terry who plays with us ever heard of him ? Lampard was bought at a young age and now is a legend.Josh McEachran a 17 year old made his debut in the CL and made history and now have 11 appearances with us.Gael kakuta a VERY promising young player.Van Aanholt is Cole's successor AND you know Sturridge right ?

ad4mb4389d ago

lol lampard was baught at around 22... hardly youth haha

karim4389d ago

Woww...your so smart ! Milner won the best youth player of the year and he was...23 ! and Ro0ney was nominated and he was 24