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Video: Liverpool’s Daniel Pacheco scores a solo stunner against Everton reserves

One of the big transfer rumours this Thursday surrounds the firesale Liverpool hope to administer this January.

The Scousers face a crossroads this winter following the sale of the club to the New England Sports Venture group. Liverpool’s difficult start to the season coupled with the new ideas of the new American owners means chatter is circulating that heads will roll in the winter transfer window. Those seemingly destined for the exit door in Ryan Babel, Milan Jovanovic, Daniel Agger and Spanish wonderkid Daniel Pacheco.

That Pacheco is deemed surplus to requirements at Anfield may be somewhat of a shock. In fact the reality is more likely that the youngster is forcing a move away from Liverpool rather than the other way around.

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karim4197d ago

If liverpool sell him,they are the dumbest club ever !

sokrates4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

:) Maybe he could replace Torres when he leaves in January... LOL

karim4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

Actually HE's gonna leave in january

zico4197d ago

They will not sell him or other of the stars in January!! I`m sure. Liverpool gighting for top 4th place, and when they will reach CL next year, the big players will come to Liverpool.

kulka4196d ago

he is one of the best young players in the world he should be in the first team if not the starting eleven needs to stary playing

zico4197d ago

The new owners will make Liverpool to the club we saw in the 80s (were they belongs)!

karim4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

They'll take a few years but It could happen

zico4197d ago

Sounds like a ManU fan.....

karim4197d ago

CORRECT ! He's a united fan

sokrates4197d ago

First of all a football fan. Thats why I love United!

kulka4196d ago

real football fans support Barca they play best football while Liverpool has or at least had the character remember 4-0 against real or 4-1 united :P

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Mendieta4197d ago

Liverpool is a bad club. They dont know how to run a club! Rubbish!!! They sold their soul when they sold Alonso to Real. I guess Alonso thanked his god that it happened!

karim4197d ago

Actually he wanted to leave...and Liverpool definitely regret their decision

freeduck4197d ago

I dont think Alonso wanted to leave. Rafa made a bad decision and sold him.

Mendieta4197d ago

He made only bad decision in Liverpool. After all Alonso is better in a league that plays football!

sokrates4196d ago

Rafa is spanish... isnt he? just a rwake up call for what youve said earlier...

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