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Chelsea agree youth team link up with Slovenian club Maribor

Slovenian table toppers Maribor have announced a link-up with Chelsea that promises a gateway to Stamford Bridge for some of east Europe’s most talented teens.

Maribor’s sporting director Zlatko Zahovic, the legendary former Slovenia playmaker, says the Blues came to them with the request and came to an agreement in talks this week.

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karim4384d ago

Awesome news ! let's hope we'll get some talented youth

sokrates4384d ago

Thats something. Chelsea needs to work like this to keep on as a top club without spending all the Russians Petrol Money...

karim4384d ago

I agree,Chelsea stopped starting to rely on Abrahamovich's money

kulka4384d ago

well they did spent hardly first gladly it stopped Abramovic does not want to spend as much any more

karim4384d ago

It's Liverpool's turn to spend now :P (and City)