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Picture Special : England lions get their hands on European Cup as Wembley CL final logo is unveiled

Is this the closest that English hands will get to the European Cup next May?

UEFA have unveiled their insignia for the 2011 Champions League final held at Wembley, with the showpiece logo featuring the trophy clutched by two London lions.

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karim4385d ago

The CL Logo looks pretty much like Chelsea's ! Is this a sign ?

sokrates4385d ago

LOL! Seams like the opposite... Chelsea always fails in the big happenings. Just remeber when they had the trophee in their hands against United- then Terry slips on his penalty and blows the ball over the bar. Thats pretty much Chelsea in Europe- something stops them when it really matters.

karim4385d ago

Actually we were better than you in the final we hit the woodwork TWICE ! and we dominated possession ! and against Barca we were robbed...kinda funny you say we flop in the big games when you were 3-0 up against bayern and you still didn't pass !