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Messi: Real Madrid out for revenge in Clasico

"Barcelona star Lionel Messi thinks that Real Madrid will be targeting revenge for their 6-2 drubbing at the Bernabeu two seasons ago when they meet in El Clasico on Monday night."

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FootballZilla4274d ago

2-0 to barca half time-

Barca playing better, there was not giving pen to real i think, messi hit the post, ronaldo had a good free kick & messi diving on the floor.

pwneddemocrat4274d ago

Real were destroyed by the great barca ...

Dirty players, dirty coach and freaking DIRTY players real, Karma's a wonderful thing.

They were toying with real, back passes and stuff lol
real were humiliated

viva barca

FootballZilla4274d ago

dirty coach dnt even know wat ur on about.

pwneddemocrat4274d ago

The Champions game, 10 defenders against barca?
Xabi and Ramos getting red card so they skip next match and play in the ones after?
constantly getting on news and making headlines bashing coaches and other teams.
he even called out Guardiola, but Barca speaks on the field.

and you cant tell me that his players went wild without his say so, seeing as he's the coach if they do anything he doesn't agree on they'll pay for it greatly, so that rough play and dirty tackles were approved by him.

5th in a row with 5-0.. cant be better for barca fans lol

TheGreatIndonesia4274d ago

please eat the humble pie mourinho!
5 - 0 lol

FootballZilla4274d ago

why everyone hate real?

Anyways Barca deserved to win they was class and real was terrible thats a good combination for Barca to control the game, its a shame.

I though the only players that tried were Pepe and Ronaldo.
Sergio Ramos was WOOWW

FootballZilla4274d ago

pwneddemocrat; well Pinto, Valdes did stupid things aswell, and Pep Guardiola is a hyprocrite.

pwneddemocrat4273d ago

So when a player pushes your manager on purpose, a special manager to the team, you'll just sit and watch?

i hated valdes for when he knocked a guy out weeks ago, but when i saw him sticking up to his manager that shows how much players respect Guardiola.

let's say they did stupid things, they didnt turn the game into wrestling like Real players did lol

karim4270d ago

It was like watching the NFL lol