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I'm getting better, insists Drogba

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has fired out a warning to Premier League defences by claiming he is improving with age.

Chelsea striker Drogba turns 33 in March but insists he has yet to reach his peak as a player because he was a latecomer to top-flight football.

He told his club's official magazine, Chelsea: "I think I'm getting better with age

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karim4196d ago

All Chelsea fans hope so

kulka4196d ago

not sure one injury can destroy him at his age hope he ll stay fit great player

karim4196d ago

Maldini played until he was 39 drogba can do it but for like 35 something

ohahCantona4195d ago

I think it`s easier to become a "old" player as defence than attacer. As defencer you can play smart, use your head, but as attacer you also need to have other skills. How any "old" attacers do we know?

kulka4195d ago

yes you need pace to be a striker gility
humans lose it with age its normal I dont think he will countinue for much longer at least not at the same level most strikers play to their full potential until 31 then their form detoriates