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Clark Whitney’s: Let’s Not Get Carried Away - Xavi Is Not The Best Central Midfielder Of All Time

Yesterday, Carlo Garganese wrote an article claiming that Xavi is the best central midfielder of all time. With all due respect to my friend and colleague, I can only disagree. I mean to take nothing away from Xavi; he was sensational in Monday's Clasico, and is truly an all-time great. But the best ever? Such a superlative lacks contextual consistency and thus can never be determined with any amount of objectivity.

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FootballZilla4192d ago

If not the best, very close.

kulka4192d ago

well the author made few good points in this
he is right football is changing all the time Barca philosophy depends on all 11 players on the field if Messi did not make the run Xavi would not find him therefore he could not pass the ball as well plus Messi would have been marked even tighter now that there is Iniesta Xavi Messi Villa and Perdo its very diffcult for teams to defend against 5 or 6 great players all players need each other at Barca everyone has a role to do

karim4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I'd say Lothar Mattheus (not spelled correctly) is the best of all time in his position and Xavi second best and may beat him if he still plays at the highest level for a few years
Edit:and Zidane was and still is one of the all time best

pwneddemocrat4191d ago

He's not the best of all time, he's the best in our times.

Great control over the ball, great understanding with players' movements, and a set of two radar eyes that sees everyone on the field lol

ohahCantona4191d ago

Agree, he is great right now, but historic it has been a lot of great midtfielders. Karim mention L Mattheus (he was great in the early 90s), you have Platini and Maradona in the 80s, and Zidane, Kaka....

karim4191d ago

Zidane and Kaka in their prime were Unbelievable !

FootballZilla4191d ago

For Me ZIDANE on his prime he is a master.

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