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England 2018 Bid: 'What more could we have done? What did we do wrong?'

David Beckham, former England captain and member of bid team:

"I think the bid team have done everything possible, we couldn't have got a better bid. We're disappointed but we wish Qatar and Russia the very best, they're two great countries and I'm sure they'll make Fifa very proud."

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zico4379d ago

England did't pay the the right people...

ohahCantona4379d ago

22 fat old men who come from such "big" football countries as Guatemala get to decide where the world­ cup is going!! Do they decide who is best able to host? NO­ they gave it to a Russia, a corrupt country who need to spend a lot of money to have this....In England we already have the stadions, the people who love football, easy way to go aroud the country to the different stasions, and haven`t had the WC since 66.

The Football should be comming home......