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Highlights: Steaua Bucharest 1-1 Liverpool Europa League - 2.12.2010

0-1 Jovanovic 19'
1-1 Eder Bonfim 61'

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no_more_heroes4317d ago

what's with all these mistakes Reina's been making this season?

freeduck4317d ago

This is his second mistake. What's the big deal? He's still a world-class keeper and made amazing, game-winning saves for Liverpool.

kulka4317d ago

He is one of worlds best keeper he cant afford to make such blunders he is not in the best shape this season but so is the rest of the team still leaving the world cup maybe

karim4316d ago

Against Chelsea,he made THREE unbelievable saves so stop criticizing him

Maradona4316d ago

Its good that it happen in this match, now he can be man of the match in the important matches comming every week now. But my grandma could easyly saved the one that Reina let in.

karim4316d ago

Stop crtiticizing Reina,he's a world class keeper remember his match winning saves against Chelsea and Birmingham ?
He's only human...

karim4316d ago

and nice to see Jovanovic score his FIRST goal

kulka4316d ago

Reina is amazing keeper everyone makes mistakes the game did not matter anyways since we were already through only one point we needed