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World Cup 2018/22: how the Fifa vote unfolded in Zurich

World Cup 2018 is handed to Russia with Qatar chosen to host the tournament in 2022. This is how Thursday's vote went.

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The Hunter3813d ago

That the Netherlands/Belgium gets 4 votes in the first round and then 2 votes in the second round :S

If anyone votes on a thing, then you do that also if there is a second round or third round?

FIFA is corrupt as hell... :@

FootballZilla3813d ago

Portugal went to the last round but everyone voted for Russia.

crazyturkey3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

What are the requirements for winning the hosting of the FIFA World Cup?

kulka3813d ago

There are none you just have to apply and persuade FIFA that your country is the best option