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Obama calls FIFA choice of Qatar "wrong decision"

US President Barack Obama said FIFA made the "wrong decision" on Thursday when selecting Qatar over an American bid to host the 2022 World Cup in what will be a major setback for football in America.

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Maradona4276d ago

Obama, stay away from football. You dont know anything about it. You got to much other problems to solve. Its great that Quatar got WC 2022. Russia will make the best WC ever, and Quatar gonna make it even better 4 years later.

karim4276d ago

The US HATES "Soccer" and Quatar loves it...don't you think after all those years that arab countries dedicate watching football that they deserve to host a WC ?

kulka4276d ago

I was really impressed with the projects of the stadiums it will be brillant world cup

karim4276d ago

Obama and "Soccer" don't rhyme