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It Is Absurd To Say We Are The Best Team In History - Barcelona Coach Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola has laughed off claims that the current incarnation of Barcelona can be considered the best team of all time.

The media have lauded the scintillating performance of the Blaugrana in their 5-0 victory over Real Madrid on Monday evening, leading to suggestions that the team may be considered the greatest in history.

Guardiola however refuted such an argument, providing examples of superior teams to his own squad.

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karim4376d ago

Good think you're not getting carried away

no_more_heroes4376d ago

that's what I like about him. His feet are firmly planted on the ground. Even when Barca was tapping up Cesc (admit it) he was (mostly) uninvolved.

FootballZilla4376d ago

yeah its good that he said that

kulka4376d ago

He is a great coach but he forgot to mention the Liverpool team of the 80 Barca are playing great best team to watch at the moment best team of our time not sure if the greatest of all time

karim4376d ago

and the trebe winning united team of the 90's