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Chelsea 1-1 Everton - Highlights

1-0 Drogba 42'
1-1 Beckford 86'

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karim4223d ago

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING ? Tbh I blame Ancelotti for the first time...When your team is 1 up and in search of a second to kill the game you substitute Bosingwa with the average Ferreira and Anelka for the useless Ramires...Can't understand his tactics

FootballZilla4223d ago

i dont uderstand taking bosingwa off because is brilliant and ferreira not that good, and ramires got give him time he will show his potential like he played vs arsenal.

karim4223d ago

Yes but Ramires loses possession very easily,like his man city game,sunderland and birmingham he need to show his true potential which isn't gonna happen soon

RedDevils4223d ago

Ramires is shit, I rather have that youth player MC"Something" guy

crazyturkey4223d ago

Chelsea needs a couple of more people in their team back to get in gear again. Maybe in the transfer window they'll buy reinforcements to cover for injured players better than what they have right now.

ohahCantona4223d ago

Chelsea are in big trouble. Leading the Lague so much, and now haven`t been winning since.....a long time ago.....

kulka4223d ago

Chelsea defence was embarresed terrible defending Baines just ran past 4 players without a single challange very unlike Chelsea

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