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Highlights - Osasuna 0-3 Barcelona - [Spanish Primera Division - 4/12/10]

0-1 Pedro 26'
0-2 Messi 65'
0-3 Messi 84'

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zico4276d ago

Messi never stop.....noone is even near him right now....

karim4276d ago

Messi is the best in the world currently but remember barca has great great players,in order to say messi is the best you must play him in an average team.
Maradonna single handedly won the world cup with an average argentina team
He also led a VERY average Napoli team to their only title

pwneddemocrat4275d ago

Defenders and Managers' tactics for those defenders were total and absolute crap in those days, they were just players filling the gaps of defenders.

not like today's defenders, so, Maradona is one of the best, if not the best at all time, but he can't repeat that win over today's tactics and defenders' training.

Messi is great and Maradona is Great but it's impossible to compare the two because the game and it's tactics have changed dramatically, also, defenders' skills.

kulka4276d ago

Barca are unstoppable of late great performance

FootballZilla4275d ago

until they play HERCULES lol