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Luis Suarez apologizes for bite accident

Luis Suarez has apologized on his facebook profile for the biting incident in the game Ajax-PSV.

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kulka3814d ago

Very foolish of him to bite opposite player he would be well suited for the Twilight Saga :P

karim3814d ago

Would be excellent for the role of Edward :P his "acting" and biting skills are just woww

The Hunter3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Pure class this! It comes from his heart.. This is no act.

Thank you Suarez, apology accepted!

karim3814d ago

"apology accepted" ? Why did he bit you :P

The Hunter3813d ago

You know.. I am an Ajax supporter.. see the video and you understand!

Maradona3813d ago

Its not him that wrote that script. You can see him reading from a paper, not very real. But i accept his appology, things like that happens.

nieuwland143810d ago

He is a great player he shouldn't of bitten Bakkal, but he really meant this apology. You are forgiven Suarez.