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World Cup: Forget Russia and Qatar, It's Brazil 2014 We Should Be Worrying About

As the dust settles on the bizarre choice of Russia and Qatar as hosts for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, problems are mounting for Brazil, who will host the 2014 tournament...and the 2016 Olympics.

Over the last week, 37 people have been killed, 123 arrested and another 130 detained after police invaded Rio’s Alemao favela—that’s Brazilian for a shanty town—as authorities begin their preparations for the great sporting events to come.

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Maradona4314d ago

They have a job to do. But when we come to 2014 i think everything will be ok. And it will be the greatest wc ever on and of field. 2022 is to long time to jugdge how it will be. They got money and good plans, so world politicks and war can do many things.

sokrates4314d ago

This is nothing to worry about. They always makes some moves before the big tourist invation of Rio in december/january. Its been like that for the last 10 years... I admit they went a bit further this time.