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Messi,Iniesta and Xavi make it a Barcelona clean sweep on Ballon d'Or final short list

Barcelona have the three best players in the world according to the FIFA Ballon d'Or shortlist: Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi.

The Camp Nou idols have received most votes from coaches, players and journalists for the world player of the year award and the winner will be revealed in Zurich on January 10.

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karim4314d ago

Sneijder not even in the top 3...what a disgrace

kulka4314d ago

Xavi and Iniesta deserve it I thought that Sneijder would be ahead of Messi because of the world cup Xavi to win it

karim4314d ago

Why Iniesta because he scored in the final ? It's called world player of they NOT world cup player of the year,Sneijder was brilliant in the world cup and for his Club he should have been included instead of Iniesta

kulka4314d ago

Iniesta was also amazing for Barca yup Sneijder also deserved to be in the top three but so was Xavi and Iniesta and Messi

karim4313d ago

Really ? he was mostly injured for Barca and Iniesta also said that he DOESN'T deserve the ballon d'Or,SNEIJDER does.If you can't Believe me check

sokrates4314d ago

Pretty sure Messi wins it again. He is the one you notice. Xavi is excellent- and the work he does is priceless- but Messi makes the show, and I think they vote for that kind of players.

FootballZilla4314d ago

lol no way he was awful for argentina.

Sneijder and forlan should be in top 3 with xavi.

Eniesta only scored that goal in the final he was injured for like 10 games in the league, and this is only Ballon D'or it not the fifa player of the year is it?

pwneddemocrat4313d ago

The Ballon D'or and Fifa player of the year merged together.

anyways, Xavi deserves it the most.

karim4313d ago

@pwneddemocrat Xavi was phenomenal but so was Sneijder

FootballZilla4313d ago

How is it possible for Sneijder not being on this list seriously, messi and eniesta. villa deserves more than eneista or forlan

pwneddemocrat4312d ago

Yea dont understand it myself, looking at the world cup, Forlan deserves that award or at least a nomination, even though im a barca fan, iniesta didnt do anything remarkable.

@Karim yea Sneijder was phenomenal but seeing that spain got the world cup i think the odds are going Xavi's way.

would be real sad if he didnt get it, he's the reason behind Barca and Spain's success.

kulka4312d ago

Agree Xavi wass the best player in the world for the whole season including the world cup Sneijder was behind him