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Highlights: Manchester United 1-1 Valencia (Group C), Uefa Champions League

Manchester United 1-1 Valencia (Group C), Uefa Champions League
0-1 Hernandez 32'
1-1 Anderson 63'

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TheJack3732d ago

Too bad Valencia didnt won. They played great

Anderson83732d ago

what game were u watchin?.. they did nothing all game

presto7173732d ago

Yo were you watching with your tv upside down or what? valencia should have lost that game. Man U had too many chances.

ohahCantona3732d ago

Ha ha, nice replay, "TheJack" must be from spain or a Pool fan. ManU was definitly the best team, and should have 3 points! But most inportant thing: in the group and then they will get a "second place team" in next round.

sokrates3732d ago

well, I just watched the second half, and I must really say I disagree. United was the better team, and they deserved at least 1 point.

presto7173732d ago

No. We deserved at least 3 points.

nieuwland143732d ago

Manchester did play well. I thought Rooney played fantastic!

Mendieta3731d ago

You can say what you want! But Manchester united have a team that is said is one of the world beste.Valencia has sold all of the star players. Located on the 5th place in the Primera. Not good.
Manchester is out of the Cup the next round.

zeddy3731d ago

we should won that game easily but fair play to valencia they kept the ball well even though it was a mistake by carrick for their goal.