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Highlights: Werder Bremen 3-0 Inter Milan. UEFA Champions League Group A 07.12.2010

1-0 Prodl 38'
2-0 Arnautovic 50'
3-0 Pizarro 88'

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The Hunter4372d ago

I think the days are over for Rafael Benitez..

zico4372d ago

I think he did a great job in Liverpool and also in Valencia before he came to Liverpool. but unfortunately he has not got good enough results in Italy, so it's probably not long before he gets fired.

Being a trainer in the top clubs is a demanding profession. I feel sorry for Benitez.

sokrates4372d ago

why did they hire him anyway. He makes water out of wine... and stone out of gold. He has proved himself useless in international football for the last 3-4 years.

kulka4372d ago

Disagree he won the CL in his first season in charge did not suceed at Liverpool as other teams simply out spended us and we were forced to sell best players example Xabi Alonso at Inter he was very unlucky with few of top players injured plus he is not used to Italian football also the pressure on him is huge at Inter

sokrates4372d ago

He won in the past with liverpool. Good game. But you cant live on good memories as a manager, cause football turns old really. You need to develop and develop your work. Benitez stopped after the CL- trophee-