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Highlights: Barcelona 2-0 Rubin Kazan. UEFA Champions League Group D 07.12.2010

1-0 Fontas 51'
2-0 Vazquez 82'

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njc3969d ago

Barca will take the title again this year:-)

kulka3969d ago

Yup very hard to defend against them when all players in form nearly impossible to beat them

sokrates3969d ago

They are strong. but all the way? I dont think so. Its very tough way to the top, and its not that many weeks ago since they barely hold 1-1 against copenhagen. 1 bad day, and Barca is out!

kulka3969d ago

That goes to every team out there but Barca seems to have all the best players best chemistry must consider them as favourites they be less defensive teams as competition progresess teams won't be playing with 10 players behind the ball in the semis

zico3968d ago

People said the same thing last year. "Barca is unbeateble" and so on....but they lost against Inter in the final, and the same thing can happend this year.

On the paper they have a great team, maybe the best ever, but with good organization defensive and good counter-attack teams can beat them.

The Hunter3969d ago

I agree with NJC.. If Barca want to win they win. You see it against Real Madrid (5-0).. Against Copenhagen it was not needed yet, now against Rubin Kazin it was needed! Rubin Kazan had also a chance to reach the second round.. And Barca played with a B-team?! I didnt heard about Fontas and Vazquez.. But the youth get the chance there :)

sokrates3969d ago

Of course Barca is a good team. Maybe the best. But remember, what happend last year. They were favorites in the same way like this season. I think barca is out before the final.

The Hunter3969d ago

But, they only knocked-out because Mourinho played defensive with Inter against Barca! I know for sure if they played that match 10 times again, they win 8 times! Now, Mourinho is Real Madrid coach and cant make it again to play defensive.. That is a shame for Real Madrid! And you saw it last week, Real Madrid plays open and lost 5-0..

zico3968d ago

Real want play "open" next time meating Barca! Thats sure! Mourinho is an tactical coach and I think Real is gonna beat Barca next time they`re meeting...

That`s football. The most important thing is to win, not play "pretty football". Mourinho has never played beautiful football but winning titles. And for that he is hailed as "The spescial one".....

pwneddemocrat3968d ago

yea the special one alright... in making football boring to watch.

kulka3968d ago

I never liked Mourinho football should be entartaining enjoyment
Mourinho plays 9 men behind the ball against bigger teams boring