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The 25 Next Cristiano Ronaldos in World Football

In the following slideshow Bleacher report will take a look twenty-five such promising youngsters who have the potential to be the "Next Ronaldo."

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kulka4272d ago

Few good players there but most of them are just completely diffrent to Ronaldo like Shelvey and Wilshere are not dribblers like Ronaldo

pwneddemocrat4272d ago

Too bad Messi is out of their league so they say the next ronaldo lol

They should specific it, the Man U Ronaldo was a freaking beast and a phenomenal on the field.
the Real Madrid Ronaldo is just plain unworthy player.

Leio4272d ago

The first Ronaldo was from another planet, after him there were yet none.. Yes NONE Christina dont have the skill and character to ever match the real Ronaldo.