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Arsene Wenger: 10 Reasons Why He's the World's Greatest Manager

Arsene Wenger has been Arsenal's longest reigning and most successful manager.

Throughout his career, Wenger has come under severe criticism sometimes even from Arsenal fans and despite. All these people who say that it is time for him to leave are out of their senses. Wenger has transformed Arsenal and has molded them into a European powerhouse. He is the right man to take Arsenal forward and although he might have failed to win a major trophy for the past 5 years, that has been purely due to the circumstances. Arsenal fans are lucky to have him in-charge of their club and they have to appreciate his contributions and not criticise it.

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sokrates4371d ago

He is good. Not the best. What did he win the last 5 years? Thats a reason good enough!

FootballZilla4371d ago

lol hes won 1 premier league in is time at arsenal and like 1million carling cups lol.

kulka4371d ago

He is a great coach his team plays best football in the league would be more successful in Spain England don't suit this type of style