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Video: Hamza Boudlal resurrects the scorpion kick

Way back in 1995, Colombia's mad goalkeeping genius Rene Higuita pulled off perhaps the most famous save ever with his scorpian kick against England (which he repeated in his farewell match earlier this year). Few goalkeepers would even dare to attempt such an utterly impractical and risky move in a match, but KACM Marrakech's Hamza Boudlal is apparently one of those few.

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Messishow4371d ago

Great that he tries. Not that good, but anyway...

no_more_heroes4370d ago

that's how I'd imagine a 3-legged giraffe to attempt it

karim4371d ago

Decent try but still Rene Higuita's scorpion king will be the all time best creative save

The Hunter4371d ago

Yeah that was real class! And with two legs..

karim4370d ago

Yes it is really the most "WTH" save ever,but he did it in a friendly Hamza did it in the 82nd minute of a league game

RedDevils4370d ago

what the point of doing that? He could just caught that instead of blasting it away lol

Kaneda4370d ago

that is dumb.. 1-1.. and stupid keeper risking the game for fancy stuff... get his a$$ outta there..

karim4370d ago

Even his team-mates were angry at him

WitWolfy4370d ago

Lame ! he could've created a goaling opportunity for his carelessness

DiLeCtioN4369d ago

only way to beat it, is to actually catch it with the legs now...cant see anyone topping it