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Premier League - Evra labels Arsenal a 'crisis club'

Patrice Evra has stoked the fires ahead of Manchester United's clash with Arsenal at Old Trafford by branding the London club nothing more than a "training centre" whose recent lack of silverware is tantamount to a "crisis".

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karim3028d ago

Yes...that's why they're on Top of the league (temporarly)

RedDevils3027d ago

Not only that United is 1 game in hand even if it a draw we will still have the advantage, but seriously Evra should STFU

karim3027d ago

Agreed,Evra must keep his mouth shut and concentrate on the game

zico3028d ago

Evra is having sleepless nights ahead off every clash.

The result after this match: 2-1 to Arsenal; Goal by Nasri and Van Persie.

ohahCantona3028d ago

ManU gets too strong for Arsenal. It`s gonna be a replay from the La Liga classic Barca vs Real; ManU winning by 5 goals to 0!!!

no_more_heroes3028d ago

the main reason why I don't like Man Utd. They don't win with humility.

zico3028d ago

Hopefully Arsenal will turn up and continue their awesome away form this season. Good luck Arsenal....go and beat them (2-1:-))

FReeDoM4ALL3028d ago

Evra talks too much.

He ran his mouth ahead of the Man U- Man City match and made it look like Man City were nothing and Man U would destroy them, what happened there? Man U 0-0 Man City.

He needs to concentrate on playing rather than talking.

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