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Ranking The Top 50 Players In World Football Right Now

Selecting the best football players in the world right now is a hard assignment, which eventually attracts weighty debates. Sometimes, it even paves the way for offensive arguments to take place.

As we are currently surrounded by several thousands of potent footballers from around the globe, this is all a matter of taste. If a list of best football stars is to be created, then it has to be based on a determined scale so as to soften things.

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zico4368d ago

top 50 players in the world...just has to be a good list;-)

Samus HD4368d ago

For me ronaldo in first plACE

FootballZilla4369d ago

dont know why gekas is number 5. but i dont watch the bundesliga soo :/

karim4369d ago

Van der Vaart not in it,simply stupid

FootballZilla4369d ago

why is it fail list, just because they didnt put one player :/

karim4369d ago

and Miller the 5th best player,really ? It's the Scottish league,the weakest in the there's really good players who didn't put

FootballZilla4369d ago

Scotish isnt the weakest league in the world, and he is in brilliant form

karim4368d ago

Really because it's only like Celtic and Rangers who are playing

sokrates4368d ago

Well, then spain is weak as well: just Barca and Real!

karim4368d ago

Spain is also week but not as week as SPL,the only decent leagues : Bundesliga,Premier League,Serie A and maybe Ligue 1

FootballZilla4368d ago

lol La liga is a weak league hahaha ;), seriously karim ?

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The story is too old to be commented.