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Highlights: Aston Villa 2-1 West Brom: English Premier League 11.12.10

1-0 (25) S. Downing
2-0 (79) E. Heskey
2-1 (89) P. Scharner

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donb4373d ago

Heskey has really something going on. He has been great the matches he has played so far this season- not only scoring, but beeing a teamate, and always a stress fenomen for the rivals.

zico4373d ago

This victory ease pressure on Houllier. He needed it desperatly!

sokrates4373d ago

:) Villa Needs to loose so they can get rid of on of the worst managers in the premier league. Would be good for the future!

zico4373d ago

What do you know abouit Houllier? He just need some victorys and piece in the playersquad. Then Villa will begin to shine...

Heskey is back and show the skill holding up the ball, that Villa have missed over the last six weeks.

Maybe this victory was the turnover?

sokrates4373d ago

"He needs peace in the player squad". Well, thats what I mean: He is not a good manager, because he always has a turbulent squad! Why do you think this happens in evry club he goes? He is a bad manager- treats his favorite players difrently

no_more_heroes4373d ago

Villa do have a horrible injury list at the moment, and have been using very young players as stand-ins, so they should understand. A little bit. Plus, they got one of them back today in Heskey and they won.

moha104373d ago

Winning today doesn`t solve Villas problem. 13th place in the table isn`t good enough for this club.

I don`t think Houllier is the problem. Villa need to get more players back from injury.