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Tevez to lift lid on reasons for quitting

"Carlos Tevez is so adamant he wants to quit Manchester City that he will go public with his reasons which will surely make any decision to force him to stay untenable."

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karim4372d ago

Didn't he just say last week that he will "honor" his contract !

no_more_heroes4372d ago

either he is a right b!+ch or something is really bugging him

sokrates4372d ago

His two kids lives in Buenos Aires. That would kill any player... At least him, who even misses hos mum.

zico4372d ago

if it is because of his family and home sickness I can understand.....but then he shouldn`t be going from a Manchester club to another last year. I think he is thinking to much of money....

RedDevils4371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

To be honest I have no fucking clue With Tevez problem, if money is not the problem, and if it homesick, why would he want to go to spain and Italy, that doesn't even make sense

karim4371d ago

If he's homesick he'll go to Argentina or else he's a liar

Maradona4371d ago

its stupid to demand more money. Leave or stay for same wages.I think he needs some warm weather.

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moha104372d ago

City should let him go... They can win things without him!

Maradona4371d ago

they dont win anything with or without him...