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La Liga - Barcelona 5-0 Real Sociedad - Highlights

1-0 Villa 9'
2-0 Iniesta 33'
3-0 Messi 47'
4-0 Messi 87'
5-0 Bojan 90'

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sokrates4173d ago

Barca is really amazing. Its makes it all even better that they beat Real Madrid so easily in this championship- and that Mourinho is running them. Messi score two again. Closest to God in Barca theses days.

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FootballZilla4173d ago

Messi and Ronaldo are level on goals now.

Maradona4172d ago

Hes like Maradona. Almost walks the ball over the line.

karim4172d ago

Barca great as usual but La Liga is really weak

Maradona4172d ago

La liga is not weak at all. It have the same quality as EPL. By the way barca set a new record in passes in 1 match. over thousand.

freeduck4172d ago

EPL is more competitive, more intensive football than La Liga. It's more physical and more exciting football. La Liga is dominated primarily by a few teams: Barca, Valencia and Real Madrid. While the EPL is more and more competitive, you got teams like Liverpool, ManU, ManC, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal fighting for top 4.

pwneddemocrat4172d ago

La Liga is not weak.
It's just too unlucky that they fell under the world's strongest clubs ( barca and real madrid )

if those two were at any other league .. yes even EPL they'd still be way over the rest because they simply kick ass.

rawd4172d ago

La Liga is so weak, why have the UEFA/Europa champs been Spanish 4 out of the last 8 years including 1 all Spanish final

2004 Valencia
2005 CSKA Moscow
2006 Sevilla
2007 Sevilla (vs Espanyol)
2008 Zenit Saint Petersburg
2009 Shakhtar Donetsk
2010 Atlético Madrid

karim4171d ago

So you're now listing EUROPA LEAGUE champs ? Seriously ?