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Manchester United v Arsenal: Arsène Wenger ready for judgement day in Premier League showdown

If there is one statistic to make Arsène Wenger cringe even more than being reminded that Arsenal have not won a trophy since 2005, it is their recent record against Chelsea and Manchester United.

Since April 2009, it reads: played 10, lost nine, drawn one, goals against 22, goals for five. It is a sequence so abysmal that Wenger’s explanation of Arsenal simply being beaten by “better” teams is inadequate.

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zico4311d ago

I hope Arsenal win today! Playing great attacing football. I enjoy watching them!

ohahCantona4311d ago

You can dream. No change at Old Trafford. 5-0 to ManU. Rooney 2, Nani 2 and Berbatov....Then we are back again were we belongs - top of the table!

RedDevils4311d ago

I would go far as 5-0 but 3-1 or 2-1 the final score, 2 berba and Rooney

Messishow4311d ago

Manu is not that good anymore at Trafford. Arsenal win 2-0.

Maradona4310d ago

agree. hope they take united today.