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Barcelona Legend Johan Cruyff Criticises Club's Shirt Sponsorship Deal With Qatar Foundation

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff has expressed his disapproval at the club’s decision to agree a record sponsorship deal with the Qatar Foundation, for a record €30 million per season.

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sokrates4174d ago

Old man should be quiet. World changes.

Fagerborgbk4174d ago

I think it`s shame they had to sell the shirt. After 111 years! But when the club last year deficit was 3.5 billion. I understand it

Leio4173d ago

Cant he just shut up for once ?
The club is in big dept and to maintain the current squad is not cheap either they do what they have to do and what wrong with that ?.
This old guy seems to have some serious problem with his ego. He has been around for too long acting like Barcelona is his wife.

donb4173d ago

Thats what I was thinking: "old guy seems to have some serious problem with his ego"...