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Chelsea 'will win the league' predicts Frank Lampard

Chelsea have been desperately short of statements of intent in recent weeks but there was a clear one on Monday from Frank Lampard.

“I have no doubt we will win the league,” the 32-year-old midfielder said in the wake of his return to action against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday after almost four months out with a series of injuries.

Lampard said that Chelsea needed to continue to show the same “spirit” as had been demonstrated at White Hart Lane and hoped that the 1-1 draw — which could so easily have been a victory – would act as a staging post for a season that was beginning to unravel.

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donb4366d ago

I have my doubts. Frankly, I am sure Lampard thinks the same, but I guess he is not that Frank(ly).

sokrates4365d ago

LOL. Lampard is sure a gentleman from a rich family- but oh boy he is stupid as well: Chelsea has no chances!

karim4365d ago

Actually you're stupid...we're still in December NOT May

sokrates4365d ago

Relax... my opinion, and Chelsea has e really small squad. 1 man out and the loose.

karim4365d ago

So ? There's still the January transfer to buy some cheap back-ups

sokrates4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

My man, Karim! Thats your words??? I love them! You have used 8 weeks to not tell me how much Chelsea has spent compared to United for the last 5 years. And thats after you told me United had spent more (wich is not a fact). And, now you say you gonna buy in January to win? well- Chelsea is Paid and bought- Not a club with soul!

karim4365d ago

Really ? If you compare the signings in the last THREE season you could see united bought a little more + who said we're gonna buy some 30M player ? (NOT GONNA HAPPEN) maybe just a cheap 2M-3M CB since we have only 2 and 1 is injured

TheJack4365d ago

Chelsea will take it this year

moha104365d ago

it's going to be close between Chelsea, ManU and Arsenal. Don`t think city will make it.

I don`t belive the transfer windows open will affect the team something special. Both Arsenal, chelsea and ManU has both great and good enough squad to win both the league and CL.