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Blackburn Rovers Owners Confirm They Want Diego Maradona To Replace Sam Allardyce

Blackburn Rovers owners have confirmed they are interested in the possibility of hiring Diego Maradona as manager from next season.

It has been confirmed that Steve Kean shall remain in charge of first team duties until the end of the season, however, chairwoman of Rovers owners Venky’s Anuradha Desai has declared that the club are taking the former Argentina coach into serious consideration.

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no_more_heroes4367d ago

I have no idea what to make of this. Well, he did say he was interested in managing in the Premier League, Blackburn may be a decent enough place to start.

Does this make any sense to anyone else?

moha104367d ago

No, it must be a rumor. Hopefully for all Blackburn suporters (and players) it may not be true.

MaximusPrime4367d ago

huh? thought they want an English manager.

sokrates4366d ago

Nobody in england cares were the players, owners or managers comes from anymore. Its all about the money: Maradona means a garanty of interests around the club and a cash flow!