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Real Madrid Legend Di Stefano Selects Cristiano Ronaldo Over Messi As The World's Best Player

Real Madrid’s legendary figure Alfredo Di Stefano has chosen Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi, when asked which player he feels is the superior footballer.

The former Los Blancos genius was giving a lecture at an event in the capital yesterday evening, and when asked the questions as to which of the two superstars he preferred, he answered simply: “Messi or Cristiano,? For me Cristiano, because he is with us, at Real Madrid.”

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JordiSerrallach4255d ago

Di Stefano is not correct. The quality of technical execution of Ronaldo is 80% whereas Messi's is 92%. Di Stefano had also 92% technical execution. So in this area Messi and Di Stefano are equal. If we look at the delivery (passes in football jargon) quality execution Messi has a quality of 87%, Di Stefano 75% and Ronaldo only 58%. The ranking of these three players is therefore Messi, Di Stefano and well behind Ronaldo. Maradona qualities are sligthly below Messi and above Di Stefano. Alfredo should look a bit better at the statistics before he makes such a wild statement again.