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City captain Carlos Tevez begs United manager Sir Alex Ferguson to take him back

Manchester United have been approached with a sensational offer to buy Carlos Tevez back from their neighbours City.

Contact was made this week by a party closely connected with striker Tevez, who quit Old Trafford in May 2009, with a view to finding out whether United manager Sir Alex Ferguson would be interested in re-signing him.

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karim4959d ago

If It's true,Tevez where's your dignity

freeduck4958d ago

Everyday there is something about Tevez. If I was manager I would never sign Tevez.

Rage_S904958d ago

good thing you're not a manager eh

RedDevils4958d ago

why would you sign someone all he do is causing trouble for your club and creating all sorts of headache in the dressing room

MasterGuru4958d ago

This "story" is obviously bullshit. Obvious is obvious. Whoever believes this needs a nail hammered to the head.

sokrates4958d ago

Of course it is. Tevez wants to go home to argentina. You cant believe anything in that paper.

ultramoot4958d ago

From The DailyFail? Aren't these guys the ones that said Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard are surely gonna leave LFC at the start of this season? They're about as reliable as - a pathetic football news site populated with made-up "rumours".

sokrates4958d ago

Thats true. This is like english tabloid press. If no news, we make them up.

karim4958d ago

Haha "DailyFail" they're definitely a BS news site...If they're stories were true :
~Chelsea would have bought Torres AND Gerrard
~They said they were 100% sure that J.Cole was going to United
~Michael Essien and Drogba would have been Madridistas
~City would have bought ALL the players in the world (I made it up)

Maradona4958d ago

You cant blame Tevez in all these news. 80 percent of this is not based on comment from himself.