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Didier Drogba Out Of Contention For CAF African Footballer Of The Year Award Arabic understands that Didier Drogba is the first player to be eliminated from contention for the CAF African Footballer of the Year award, which will be presented on Monday night in Cairo.

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karim4257d ago

LOL he deserves it the most...

Maradona4257d ago

He is a good player, when hes not lying down all the time.
He deserves to be in the final nomination, but definitely not the only first choice.

karim4257d ago

Yes.When he isn't lying down,he's scoring 37 GOALS,Gyan was famed in the WC didn't do anything worth noting for the club.Eto'o was great last season but not as good as Drogba and is there any other african players ? SO WHY DROGBA GETTING ELIMINATED

sokrates4257d ago

Drogba is a better actor than player. He is the worst player ever- a cry doll from the bottom of his heart.

karim4257d ago

From a biased united fan,not a surprise.Be more reasonable like RedDevils...The stats speak of itself : 37 goals and 10+ assists and I have one word for you : NANI