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Qatar Holdings To Push For A €1.7 Billion Manchester United Takeover

The royal family of Qatar are reportedly targeting a €1.7 billion move to takeover Manchester United.

Qatar has landed the rights to host the World Cup in 2022, and it is thought that the rulers intend to turn the Gulf state into a footballing brand by then.

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MasterGuru4959d ago (Edited 4959d ago )

This is not a rumor, this is a fake story.

Definition of "rumor" :

1. A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth.
2. Unverified information received from another; hearsay.

----------------------------- ------------------------

This is not unverified information. This is bullshit although there is a chance of it being true.

sokrates4958d ago

For me Rumor = bull shit - but some times fun reading anyway