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Barcelona, the propagandas’ victims: Facts and fakes

Obviously, one of the main shows this summer in sport was Cesc's Circus and the “daily interviews” Barcelona players gave to the press. That’s a strong example of how fragile we are under the media impact. It will be interesting to create a report about all the daily “interviews” the players made with the media in the past few weeks. It would have been more believable if the players were training with the club during that period. You can assume that journalists were hiding behind a bush near the training field and the moment a player shows up, they throw themselves in his way screaming: “What is the best bullshit you can come up with about Arsenal today?” Then the player starts running out his mouth. Yet, all this mess happened and the players were having their vacations. If we can assume that every interview took two hours from setup to goodbye, it seems the players wasted their vacation time rambling on the streets begging for attention and searching for the journalists for an interview. Isn’t it also interesting that some of the “interviews” were just about one thing and sometimes ended up with one statement? I would have expected the players to talk shit about Arsenal, then hail the world cup victory, then shit about Arsenal, then joke about Puyol’s sheep, then shit about Arsenal, and so on…But it was more like a player inviting the media for an urgent press conference, scream: “Arsenal is a shit!” then slamming the door behind him and vanish. Few hours later and here we go again!

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MasterGuru3111d ago

This is what my friend had to write about what happened this summer.

no_more_heroes3110d ago

interesting opinion. How much of what Barca players actually said was manipulated/taken out of context?

MasterGuru3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

The problem is, golden, Barca players never said anything!!

Too bad I'm running out of bubbles, otherwise I'd explain further with details.

Want proof?


Here is a more detailed opinion:


Point is, all these "interviews" are fake. When it comes to an English tabloid reporting they have "interviewed" a player who doesn't know how to speak English, you'd know it's fishy.


no_more_heroes3110d ago

Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention then, 'cuz I would have known it was all fake if I'd known it was the Fail-y Star.