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Valencia coach Unai Emery: Jose Mourinho is a cry baby

Valencia coach Unai Emery has blasted Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho for his rant against the officials after his side’s 1-0 win over Sevilla, branding the Portuguese a "cry-baby".

Mourinho produced a list of errors to the media criticising the refereeing performance in the match against Los Nervionenses, but addressing journalists himself today, Emery stated that it is not an approach that he will be following.

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karim4954d ago

At least he wins trophies...

sokrates4954d ago

DID:) He doesnt win anymore, so now hes just a cry baby.

MasterGuru4954d ago

Mou is overrated but he is definitely a winner.

Every time Mourinho's team wins, the media will claim that Mourinho's "genius tactics" are the aspect which won them the game.

But when Guardiola's team wins,

"oooooh..........He only won cos he is in Barca.... try putting him in the EPL, and let's see how many trophies he'd win"

"Even I would win 6 trophies with the kind of team Guardiola inherited" - Satan Ibrahimodick


And boy, I didn't and won't forget this quote from the fans and media.

"With Mourinho's arrival at Real Madrid, it will be the end of Guardiola's era at Barcelona"


karim4954d ago

??? His season at RM hasn't ended yet,and he NEVER finished a season without a trophy

FootballZilla4953d ago

Lol he won the Champions league, Serie A and the cup last year lol

KingsCross4953d ago

I agree with masterG. Mourinho is overrated. And Barca is Amazing coached by Guardiola!