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Xavi furiously refutes derogatory remark allegation

“It is completely untrue. I can’t make out the [intention of] the fabrication. If I had said that I would be disrespecting Real Madrid, Diarra, and Barca itself,” exclaimed Xavi Hernandez in a statement made exclusively to ‘’ today.

The midfielder came out with that denial after he was claimed by another Catalan sports paper ‘El Mundo Deportivo’ journalist Xavier Bosch to have derided Real Madrid’s Lass Diarra by saying to him “As you have not touched the ball all night, you can have it for a while” in the Camp Nou tunnel after the heated Clasico match last month.

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MasterGuru4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

This is PROOF that you should never believe anything the Barca players "say" whether it came from England or Spain itself.

Well done, journalists! Well done!

Even a journalist who works for a pro-Barca paper wants to make Xavi, thus Barca, look bad.


What's next?

Xavi said Arsenal sucked again? Xavi said Fabregas should not play for Arsenal?

Pique said Liverpool doesn't deserve Torres?

Messi blasts Roy Hodgson for not respecting Mascherano's decision?

Yeah, we all know the world hates Barca.

God_Of_Epicness4248d ago

I would have to agree. Ever since Barca won the 6 trophies in 2009, the media and the opposing fans have been waiting for an opportunity to bring Barca down every time a chance comes.

MasterGuru4248d ago

It happens, you know.

More and more people are starting to hate Barca because of what he have achieved during the past few seasons.

But there will always be haters you know. The Yankees are hated, the Lakers are hated, I guess this "responsibility" comes with being the best football team on the planet.

God_Of_Epicness4248d ago

I wouldn't go as far as calling it a "responsibility" but I guess it is sorta like a trend to hate the "best at the moment" whichever sport you're involved in.

sokrates4248d ago

In my opinion, I think Barca is fairly well treaten in the media. normally when I read a about Barca its focus on their excellent way of playing, and the outstanding squad they have. Evry one who likes football, must enjoying Barca at the moment- even those who hate the club. They are simply the best!