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Chelsea keen on signing Modric

"Luka Modric has emerged as the No. 1 transfer target for Chelsea, according to the Croatian's former boss, Dinamo Zagreb vice-president Zdravko Mamic."

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sokrates4257d ago

He stays put in tottenham. why should he move to Chelsea, when Tottenham is a better club?

zico4257d ago

Because Chelsea will win titles, and Tottenham not!

MasterGuru4257d ago

Right now, maybe, but just 2 months ago, Chelsea were scoring from left, right, and center.

sokrates4257d ago

To be honest, I dont care. But I really believe Tottenham has something going on. I went over two months ago, and was really amazed by the optimism on white Heart. I am really sure they will try to keepn their best, and even buy to beacome better. Doing well in the PL and CL change a clubs ambitions. But, sure, Chelsea can kick back.

karim4257d ago

LOL,seriously just 2 months ago they said Chelsea would win the title EASILY,what would you say if it happens to united ?

sokrates4257d ago

IF it happens... (I guess it wont)- I would mean the same thing.

karim4257d ago

Injuries could make it happen and then people will turn on the owners

karim4257d ago

Another rubbish rumor,that vice - president is a good friend of Ancelotti but known for his exagerration