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David Beckham: I'd only play for Manchester United - but I do want New Year loan move

David Beckham insists he will not play for any Barclays Premier League club other than Manchester United.
The LA Galaxy midfielder is seeking a club in Europe to fill the time between MLS seasons. But the 35-year-old says he will not return to English football unless it is to Old Trafford - the club he left for Real Madrid in 2003.
Beckham will not play a third springtime in Italy for AC Milan, but wants to maintain his fitness in an attempt to force his way back into Fabio Capello's England squad.

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sokrates4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

He is my man. He has earned my respect during his football career.

Maradona4668d ago

But not good enough for Manu anymore?

MasterGuru4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

I don't know man. To me, he is THE most overrated player in history.

It's true, he may have a good attitude, a celebrity wife, a luxurious lifestyle, a nice hairstyle, a good-looking face, and what-not y'know but he is still not a good football player.

On the field, he's not a very talented kid. He can barely get past a defensive midfielder. He's slow, but he's a winger. He plays high up-front but he doesn't score a lot of goals. He is weak physically, but he is a footballer.

Why is he so famous? It must be his trade-mark free kick or that lucky halfway line goal against a low-class team. Or maybe it's because of his looks, or maybe his exquisite style, or maybe it's because of that skeleton Victoria, or maybe it's because of his publicity, or whatever ~~~

But my opinion stands and that is that he is definitely not a "world-class" football player as the English media hypes him up to be.

zootang4668d ago

Winning the champions league, 6 premier league titles, 2 FA Cups and La liga title winner.

I think you must have only been aware of Beckham recently. Beckham was a huge player for United and when we sold him we didn't win a title for 3 years. His replacement was Ronaldo (bit too young at the time to make the same impact Beckham did) only reason why we sold him.

MasterGuru4668d ago

No, I'm sorry to disappoint you zootang but I have watched Beckham my whole life.

Who cares about the trophies he's won? It doesn't reflect how he plays on the field. Back in 1999, I still can't remember Beckham being fast. I still don't remember him being an integral part in the treble winning side.

Winning 1 Champions League title does not do his image any justice either when you consider the fact that he has been playing with top teams for his whole life.

2 FA Cups won because of a huge helping hand from Eric Cantona isn't really something to brag about.

I mean c'mon! Don't act like Beckham was a huge player cos he was not! What has he won with the great England? NOTHING.

He's 35 now and he hasn't won more than 20 team titles his whole playing career... Does that sound like a "world class" player to you?

I mean he is named in the FIFA 100 Top players of the Century, right? But what has he won to prove that? What has he done on a football pitch to justify his name off-it?

I don't know what you see in him man, honestly.

sokrates4668d ago

Well, I share some of your caracteristics- but not all. Beckham today is a gentle, over the top as a footballer. And his extremly fame comes from much more than football. BUT, I think he was great. Watching him live was fabelous- because of his intelegence. Always doing smart moves in where he runs- defence or attack, close to the ball or far away- giving 100%. The Ronaldo ball genius he was not- but a true footballer world class he was.

ad4mb4668d ago

You are a tool, Not a single better passer of the ball then beckham, as you have mentioned his freekicks were just class and id take him over ronaldo anyday at his prime.

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